Ceasefire in South Sudan Conflict

According to the BBC,  a ceasefire was signed three days ago between the forces of president Salva Kiir and the rebel leader Riek Machar.  A million and a half people have been displaced during the five months of this conflict.

South Sudan has only been a nation since 2011, when it gained independence from Sudan. It is the youngest country in the world. South Sudan is plagued with poverty and massive civil instability.

World Conflict - South Sudan CeasefireHumanity faces the prospect of rising global conflict, in large part due to the twin problems of overpopulation and overconsumption. Civil conflict is often linked with poverty, wealth disparity and environmental strain.

The New Message from God calls overconsumption the “engine of war”. Is it possible that a war in East Africa is affected by the overuse of resources by the world’s wealthy? Is the world so interconnected, or is this simply a East African conflict between the Nuer and Dinka communities?

“Overconsumption is the engine of war. It forces nations to intervene with other nations, to compete with other nations, to exploit other nations. You cannot simply blame political leaders or political theories when people’s way of life itself is generating the need for this exploitation.” -The New Message from God

May the peace hold in South Sudan. And may the people of Earth take great care in their consumption and procreation. There is only so much wealth on this planet—it must be shared, sustained and used very wisely, or humanity surely faces civilization collapse and world conflict.

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